August 7, 1991. Raymond at the Panda Restaurant on the Hunter-Tannersville Highway. Taken by Jack Gohn.


August 20, 1996. Taken by great-nephew Matthew Gohn shortly before his 6th birthday.

Raymond in armchair

Undated. Raymond reading in his living room in Elka Park. Found in Raymond’s effects.

AYH P1051528

January 5, 2008. Taken in an Italian restaurant in Tannersville, doing card tricks with great-nephew Matthew Gohn. Taken by Jack Gohn.


August 1, 1992. Raymond with young members of extended family at his sister-in-law Etta Benoit’s 80th birthday party. (Jack Gohn)


August 22, 1980. Raymond at family dinner at his cousin Robbie Smullyan’s home in Fleischmans, NY. (Jack Gohn)

AYH P1051526

January 5, 2008. Raymond was a great favorite at this Tannersville restaurant, where he roamed about, performing card tricks for children and pretty ladies. (JG)


August 23, 1989. At a picnic in Elka Park, Raymond with Robbie Smullyan, facing 3 young relatives: Andrew Gohn, unknown, Maggie Sullivan. (Jack Gohn)

DKC 11-2684

September, 1969 (?). With his brother Emile Benoit standing in the carport of Emile’s vacation home in Elka Park, next-door to Raymond’s. (Probably Etta Benoit)

Raymond, Elka Park, 1960s

September, 1969 (?). Raymond standing in the carport of Emile Benoit’s vacation home in Elka Park. Probably taken by Etta Benoit or Emile Benoit.

DJL 31-3359

Sometime in 1965. Probably taken by his brother Emile Benoit.


August 23, 1996. Ray and Blanche, taken by his great-nephew Matthew Gohn.

DIW 37-3233

June 1964. Perhaps in the backyard of the house on West 88th Street where Raymond and his new wife Blanche lived. Probably taken by Emile Benoit.


Raymond in the early 1980s, in Bloomington, Indiana.

DJL 20-3407

Probably Fall 1965. Blanche, probably taken by Emile Benoit.

DIB - 035

Probably 1945–1950. Head-shot of Ray taken by his brother-in-law Herbert Kahn, probably for Ray’s magician business.


Probably 1958. Ray with his brother Emile, his sister Gladys and his mother Rosina, probably at Rosina’s residence, 444 Central Park West. (Probably Herbert Kahn)

DFO - 1671

February 27, 1965. Raymond with his nephew Jack Gohn and his brother Emile Benoit, taken at Emile’s stepdaughter Hilary Fleming’s wedding, New York City.

DHM - 0379

Probably 1956–1957. Raymond with his mother Rosina and his brother Emile, probably at Rosina’s residence, 444 Central Park West.

DCW - 290

Approximately 1939–1940. Raymond on the Columbia campus. Ray audited some courses there, but never enrolled.

EED 29088

Probably 1941–1945.

DHM - 0938

Probably 1956–1957. Probably at his mother Rosina’s residence.


Probably taken in 1925–26 at Kubie Estate, the family residence in Far Rockaways, NY, by his father, Isidore Smullyan.

DBI - 0726

1926–1928. L to R: Ray’s Uncle Albert, his cousin Robert Smullyan, his father Isidore, his sister Gladys, his aunt Clara, Raymond, his cousin Arthur, and his mother Rosina.


Probably 1929-1930. Raymond playing the violin to his dog. Likely photographer, his father Isidore.

DBC - 0774

Probably early spring, 1920. Raymond as an infant being held by his mother Rosina. Likely photographer: his father Isidore.