About the Society

Who We Are

The Raymond Smullyan Society is dedicated to stimulating interest in the thinking, work and life of Raymond Smullyan, the polymathic, irrepressible mathematician, philosopher, puzzle-maker, musician, magician and author. Here the visitor will find materials dedicated to stimulating interest in all of these aspects of the man, curated by members of his family and members of his wide circle of admirers, students and friends.

What We Do

Five years after Raymond’s death, we are beginning now to populate this website, where you will find a bibliography, biographical materials, pictures, videos of talks and performances, and testimonials. We expect to continue expanding the collection of Smullyana (to coin a term), because Raymond’s prolific nature and activities will not be easily encompassed. Further, the Society will be republishing some of Raymond’s books, and of course visitors to the website can expect to be kept up to date on the latest information in that regard. We shall organize events to celebrate Raymond’s life and work, and keep visitors to this site advised of these activities as well.


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