Raymond Smullyan
Mathematician, Magician, Musician, Author
Raymond Smullyan in Elka Park, 1960s

This Book Needs No Title

A new edition of This Book Needs No Title, with a foreword by none other than Donald Knuth, from our new Raymond-oriented imprint, What Is the Name of This Press!

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What Is the Name of This Press?

Our new imprint, devoted to reissues of Raymond's work.


The Three Gods Problem

Big Think looks at Raymond Smullyan's career and "the hardest logic puzzle ever".


A Smullyan-inspired Gödelian puzzle

In The Guardian, Alex Bellos presents a Gödelian puzzle inspired by Raymond.


The Entertainer

A tribute to Raymond in Scientific American by Jim Henle.

About Raymond Smullyan

A brief summary of the remarkable career of Raymond Smullyan.

About the Raymond Smullyan Society

Who we are, what we do, and how to stay in touch.

Photographs of Raymond

A gallery of photographs of Raymond throughout his life.